Xanax Addiction

In fact, I am still on Xanax gg249 and trying to quit it myself. I’ve lost friends, lost the patience of family members, almost lost my family and am flat broke.

Family members offered to pay for and send me to a 3 month drug addiction center, but after careful research, I found out the center was affiliated with the Church of Scientology, a church that is claimed to be a cult by many websites; I need a cure, not another problem!

My family and friends have given me money and I have lost it all – in doing so, I have also lost their faith in my ability to make rational decisions. I think I am thinking normal, but everyone says different, from being depressive to just being plain stubborn.

Xanax made it easy to go broke!

I was in business for myself and doing well, but the stress was incredible. One of my employees turned me onto Xanax and said it would help take the edge off. Not only did it take the edge off, I let it take my life!

I found a doctor that prescribes me Xanax without the need for a visit and this has made it extremely difficult for me to quit. I also drink alcohol with my Xanax which increases the effects.

Sounds scary doesn’t it? I have been doing my research and I’m finding countless people in the same situation as me!

I’m trying to quit by reducing my dosage and I am down to a half milligram per day. It is by far the hardest thing I have ever done and to make matters worse, sites claim that you could actually have sever brain damage if you do this cold turkey (provided you have been on it long term).

This is my story, from the beginning up to now. I am still a Xanax addict and it is my most profound hope that this blog will help me and others that are going through the same thing. My name is Doug and more is to come.