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Among the psychological disorders, changes thought patterns, moods and a person’s sense of well being. Interfering with typical functions, can cause trouble in many areas such as family, job and society. Helplessness results as you lose control of actions, thoughts and feelings. Depression, left untreated, can linger for years and be permanently disabling. An overpowering feeling of sadness, accompanied by a loss of pleasure and feelings of worthlessness, is a symptom of depression.

Symptoms differ between people and even within the same person over time. A depressed episode can include any or all of the symptoms. Depressive symptoms that linger all the time yet are not disabling can be signs of dysthymia, a less severe version of depression. Medicine doesn’t change the circumstances, but it can help alleviate your mood to make working on problems easier. Medication that works on balancing neurotransmitters are used to treat depression.

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Initial treatment of is normally medication to help relieve some of the symptoms. Counseling or anti-depressant medication will be available though a professional. With all the bad feelings associated with depression, support from others is essential. It can be healing to just talk to someone about problems. The support of caring family members can make all the difference.

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The highest rates of are seen among women of reproductive age.

Some people with Major Depressive or Manic episode may experience psychotic features. They may be presented with hallucinations or delusions that are either mood-congruent (content coincident with depressive themes) or non-mood-congruent (content not coincident with depressive themes).